Exclusive 1:1 Coaching for Service-Based Entrepreneurs to Up-Level Your Revenue by Creating a Powerful Brand that Attracts High-End Clients Within the Next 4 Months!

If your structure and follow-through aren’t up to par,

then that’s what is killing your results!

Imagine seeing CONSISTENT high-end sales THIS year.

Imagine breaking the cycle of living in lack to ditch mediocrity and put yourself in position to leave a LEGACY you feel proud of.

There’s no need to wait your turn. You can just DECIDE to do it.

This very limited opportunity is high-end, structured, and specifically tailored for the “No-Excuses – Let’s Do This – I’m Ready” client!

If that sounds like you, please read on. Be sure to watch the video and then reserve your spot.

If you’re not being relevant, then you’re as good as being invisible.

Many entrepreneurs miss the mark on this because the key element in being visible and driving in sales with content, is the connection.

You have to let go of your fear of being judged and getting “too personal” to bridge the connection between your brand and your market.

There’s no reason to not be your authentic self to reach your target audience…uncuffed, uncensored, and unfiltered.

Truth is, if you have a fear of expressing yourself in your content and/or copy, it could hinder your sales.

Think of your brand as a form of expression and freedom.

Unfold a little bit of yourself in your content and couple that with a (value) strategy to bring in consistent, quality sales.

I’m Cheryl Moses, and I help you consciously commit to the changes you need to make to survive in a market that’s constantly shifting.

I’ve mastered Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy, and have coached many other business owners to thrive online with an in-demand business model that gets results. 

Getting a clear focus on your course of action, bold impact, and targeted prospects are just a few of the key elements that will elevate you with my coaching.

I help you create a clear blueprint for what you need in your online marketing arsenal, custom designed to fit your business needs so that you can work on your business with ease, resonate with your market, and effectively grow your bottom line.

My Coaching Will Help You:


►Get a full blueprint and implementation for the top prospect drivers that will get your brand noticed, make an impact, and get you paid.

►Scale and simplify your sales acquisition system (processes) enabling you to achieve strategic business


►Scale your key performance metrics for lead generation and profit.

Align your brand and business goals

►Align your marketing and brand strategy

►Create a branded system showcasing you as the unique solution for your clients, solving their biggest challenges.


►Find FREEDOM by putting yourself out there just as you are

►Start having more fun in your business and free up time to spend with your family

►Attract more clients, the ones who needed what you have all along

►Give up feelings of guilt and shame around making more money

►Step into BEING the sHERO that you were born to be

Just think…

In the next few months you could:

Create a killer system to make more money in your business.

Get in front of clients who are ready and willing to FULLY COMMIT to working with your and pay for your worth. 

Build a community to sell to so that  you meet your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

1:1 Hourly Coaching Sessions

  • We will meet for our sessions weekly and work diligently on completing tasks to create and build your premium program. Yes, I’m working with you through each piece of your business structure to get you set up for success.
  • We will work on your marketing campaigns and build a targeted email list via facebook ads. webinars, or a virtual summit.
  • We will work on market research and data to reveal the best possible ways to provide solutions to your target market and formulate irresistible offers (both paid and free) that will position you as a leading resource in your industry, create additional income streams, and stabilize your revenue.
  • We will work on brand development to craft a message with your voice that enables you to connect with the people who need you the most in a way that feels comfortable and authentic to you. Your social media posts, blog posts, and video content will be designed to pull in qualified prospects with a follow-up system that will convert them into paying clients/customers.

Business/Goal Planning

We will work on setting realistic and measurable goals for your business, ones that are attainable (both short and long term). We will design a business plan that tracks the main components for growth, for the next few years.


Accountability check-ups are an exclusive element with this coaching. The goal is for you to learn how to connect the dots of all moving parts in your business, but it’s the implementation that will give you the results you are looking for. That said, you will have regular check-up appointments – via email, text and phone calls.

Pricing Structures

Pricing your services, programs, and products can be a major challenge in online business. We will determine your best pricing strategies, upsells, downsells, discounts and promotions.

Cash-flow, gross revenue and net profit are key factors in determining the wealth of your business. We will determine the best way to expand and raise your rates, while still serving your clientele.

Email communication

As questions and concerns arise (for either party), you will have easy access to get answers within 24 hours. Our communication about tasks and projects via email will be unlimited so that we move along smoothly and effectively.

5k Funnel Opt 

This is a complete set up for your sales acquisition system, done by our team. Contact us for additional details about what’s included.

I seemed to have lost the fire in my belly and was truly procrastinating with making any moves with my business. I had an AMAZING conference call with Cheryl. I felt so comfortable talking to her. It felt like we’ve known each other for years. After she asked multiple questions about who I am and what I do, she hit the nail on the head about what she envisioned was perfect for me and it TOTALLY aligned with what I had envisioned. OMG! Just that one coaching session put me back on track and moving forward. Cheryl, you are beyond FABULOUS!!

Carrie Rice

Carrie's Couture Intl LLC

I’ve had business coaches in the past, but none of them were able to provide me with the necessary breakthrough I needed to convey my personal branding to the world. Cheryl helped me find the words that enabled me to fine tune my message and balance the fact that my personal brand is the birthing place of my business brands. 

Tabitha Vinson

CEO, Vinson Paralegal LLC

Cheryl is so good at what she does! Aside from knowing how to teach what she knows, Cheryl has a gift that makes me feel comfortable right where I am. During our sessions, she reminded me that this is a journey and that being a mom that owns a business is no cake walk, but I’m doing it, and I can continue to be successful even through my frustration and challenges.

I highly recommend Cheryl if you’re feeling overwhelmed with too many ideas and want someone to sort them out and help you get back on track. She’s very patient and takes her time to explain new concepts so that you’re able to apply them to your life and business. 

Erica Blocker

Life Coach & Podcast Host, Moms With Dreams University

I have been following and implementing Cheryl’s strategies for some time now and felt it was necessary to recommend her because of 3 key lessons she reinforced for me: 1) be authentic, 2) be visible and 3) be able to drive my sales.

I am new to persistent and consistent online conversations or marketing and I’ve for the most part, had to try and figure this out for quite a bit of time.

Cheryl pushed me to further determine my why and business intentions. She is such a raw and passionate leader who only wants us entrepreneurs to perform at our peak and overcome any adversities holding us back.

Cheryl’s tactics are simple and easy to implement; therefore, as a business, if you’re struggling with your online presence, reach out with her to figure out what would work for you.

Cassandra Govan

Health & Wellness Consultant, Super ME Coaching