Imagine what would happen if you chose to believe in your power to create something different – bigger and better – instead of constantly simmering down to fit within the limitations of your current reality.

Truth is, the economy will get worse before it gets better, so now is the time more than ever to step your feminine game up and recession proof your business so that you thrive no matter what!

You might be in a space where you feel like you’re having challenges in life and business right now and not sure why.

You might even be wondering why you aren’t further along in life, or making the kind of revenue you thought you would be making by now. 

Here’s what I know – You have a passion in life, and you CAN make money serving it.

The one thing I can say has had the most significant impact on my success was breaking free from the habit of looking at what is, believing it was all there was, and re-creating the SAME experiences over and over again.

It almost feels safer, smarter, and more logical to go with what you know – something that you can see in your physical reality – rather than believing in what you can’t see.

But what if you could turn your back on your fears and surrender to your deepest desires?

This is how you create true freedom.

Trusting yourself and your desires in spite of downfalls and disappointments is a big ask. I know.

But it is what’s absolutely required to get you to your next level.

Into a place where you no longer make decisions based on what is or has been.

Instead you CLAIM your power to bring your big vision to life.

It’s time you stop denying yourself, and step into who you really are…..

Regardless of what type of financial situation you’re in or the trials you are currently facing, many women entrepreneurs are challenged because of lack of confidence and self denial…. a strong support system, core beliefs, putting out past fires, or love for life overall. 

Lack in these areas (in any capacity) can surely hold you back from making huge monetary gains in your business whether you realize it or not. 

And this can cause your business to suffer, indefinitely! 

You can do many things to make your business work, but unless you are creating happiness in your personal life, it will be extremely difficult to get to the level of success that you desire to have. It will be like trying to cross a threshold but remaining stuck at a certain point in your revenue.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs: 

➢ You’re probably not exactly where you want to be in your life or business 

➢ You’re probably not earning as much money as you thought you would be by now 

➢ You’re probably working much harder than you have to or want to 

➢ You’re probably not even totally happy personally in one way or another – maybe your significant other isn’t as supportive as you’d like about you doing your own business, maybe your friends or family keep asking you why you keep spinning your wheels or maybe you’re lacking confidence in yourself to some extent and find it hard to keep up the faith every day 

➢ You could be tired, dealing with burnout or frustration, or discouraged about what’s coming up for you in the next couple years due to the economic turn. 


Here’s what you deserve:

➢ A way to think on a larger scale and go after what you really want 

➢ A plan to up-level yourself to the expert you’re destined to be 

➢ Less stress and worry about having so much to do and being overwhelmed 

➢ How to stop settling and take charge of what you want 

A wildly successful business that supports your pleasures and mission

I seemed to have lost the fire in my belly and was truly procrastinating with making any moves with my business. I had an AMAZING conference call with Cheryl. I felt so comfortable talking to her. It felt like we’ve known each other for years. After she asked multiple questions about who I am and what I do, she hit the nail on the head about what she envisioned was perfect for me and it TOTALLY aligned with what I had envisioned. OMG! Just ONE coaching session put me back on track and moving forward. Cheryl, you are beyond FABULOUS!!

Carrie Rice

Body Image Consultant, Carrie's Couture Intl LLC

Cheryl pushed me to further determine my why and business intentions. She is such a raw and passionate leader who only wants us entrepreneurs to perform at our peak and overcome any adversities holding us back.

Cheryl’s tactics are simple and easy to implement; therefore, as a business, if you’re struggling with your online presence, reach out with her to figure out what would work for you.

Cassandra Govan

Health & Wellness Consultant, Super ME Coaching

Truth is, sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand and assist you with moving the needle forward to 10k+ months!.

That’s what we are going to do!

What’s Included in MANIFEST MORE MONEY:

  • 4 weeks of training (manifestation + implementation)
  • Two 1:1 (60-minute) coaching sessions

►Abundance Mindset & Daily Habits that Lead to 6 & 7 Figure Success

►Power Planning & Inspired Action Taking to Manifest Your Money Goals for the Next Twelve Months

►Streamlining for Seamless Cash Flow

►Positioning Your Brand for Opportunities to Scale

►One Day Launch Formula to Call in the Cash Fast


PLUS: Bonus coaching and implementation tools!

►Abundance Mindset Repositioning

►Re-writing Your Money Story

►Sales Messaging

►Millionaire Business Habits

►Action Plan Strategy, and much more!


Who This Is For…


Service Based Entrepreneurs




Course Creators



This is NOT for MLM or product based businesses.

Today’s Price:


Pay in Full


Weekly Payment Option


Price Goes Up September 27th!









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