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Here’s a SNEAK PEAK of How I Teach My Clients to Call in 30+ Qualified Leads and Scale to 5 Figure Months Using Linkedin

PLUS…I’m going to show you how I booked 19 sales calls in 3 days organically, ALL from LinkedIn! 

Are you ready to gain more control over your business and bring in clients regularly instead of an unpredictable business filled with hustle?

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(Even if you don’t have a fancy website or a lot of connections on LinkedIn)  

The market is saturated….and bringing in leads isn’t anything like it was 5 years ago

What many entrepreneurs struggle with today:

► Knowledge of how to get clients consistently

► Building an email list

► Filling up their pipeline

► Positioning themselves as the ‘expert’ to stand out from the competition

But what if you could grow your network and speed up the sales process?

What if you could learn a simple way to get high ticket sales by tapping into a platform where turning  conversations into cash fast is the norm? 

To attract and book 5-10 new perfect-for-you clients or fill your programs, you must be open to doing things that will position you as the expert quickly.

You’ve tried posting constantly on social media to get more leads….

But since the algorithm is working against you, not enough people are seeing your content which results in little to no engagement or action-taking from prospects.

You’ve tried ads….

But you didn’t get a return on your investment and it just got too damn expensive to keep testing them and keep them running.

You’ve tried conversations in the DM’s….

But you get left on ‘seen’ with no response back and now it doesn’t feel good to you, so you just gave up on it altogether.

I get it. 

But there is a better way.

What you need is a simple, effective method for calling in a consistent flow of leads every month, so you’re not in ‘feast or famine’ mode or worst….signing WRONG clients just to make a sale.


Waking up to 20-30 messages in your DM  from people who are ready to chat with you because you have the solution they are looking for. 

►Getting people who want to BUY from you and not just like your content because you’re so inspiring. 


Ever wonder why your beautiful Canva graphic isn’t converting like you want it to? 


It’s simply because you need to position yourself in a way that gets more traction, to make more of a connection and bring in more sales. You need a SYSTEM! 

You deserve to gets clients who ask, “Do you take VISA?” and “How soon can we start?”

Leveraging LinkedIn…..will show you a better approach to generating quality leads so you fill your pipeline, book more clients and scale whenever you’re ready. 


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This LIVE training starts  March 10th! 

You will learn::

►How to find and target your prospective clients on LinkedIn and connect with them in a way that feels natural and authentic.

►How to position your LinkedIn profile to increase views and gain more paid opportunities

►A strategic way to generate leads so that you can grow and scale your business every month 

►The most crucial mindset SHIFTS you need to make if you want your coaching/consulting business to succeed in 2022 and BEYOND…

►How I built a profitable coaching and consulting business online that generates consistent revenue with virtual events…and how you can do the same in your niche


About Cheryl

Intuitive Brand & Marketing Coach

Cheryl J. Moses also known as the “Collab Queen” coaches ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to confidently build a soul-aligned brand that attracts high quality clients. She is the CEO of Major Shift Inc. and Mogul One Media, LLC, a Branding and Visual Communications agency that helps professionals become a leading
resource in their industry while maximizing their profits, influence, and exposure.

Cheryl has helped her clients achieve 5 figure launches and scale their businesses with mindset shifts, strategic partnerships and collaborations with virtual events.

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

“Cheryl took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”