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Complete Client Attraction Guide!

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Cut Through the Noise! 

1. Show up in your content: Be authentic and speak your truth!

2. Format your content: Get more discovery calls by honing in on pain points. 

3. Get more out of your content by repurposing and recirculating: Make yourself more visible online.

4. Get yourself some free publicity: Drop a press release or utilize HARO



Cultivate Connections & Collaborations

1. Position yourself to attract opportunities: Optimize your social media profiles.

2. Where should you be? (Where are your clients?) : Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

3. What should you be doing?: Connecting, conversing, posting content that draws attention and engagement.

4. What do you know about your audience?: Challenges, pain points, objections.

5. Leverage social media for organic reach: Create lead magnets and a landing page to funnel your target audience into your email database. 

6. Create virtual events to gain momentum and sell! Summits and webinars.